Lis Puga Molina Kinderwunsch Muenchen

Lis del Carmen Puga Molina, PhD, Senior Scientist Andrology

Coming from Argentina, I am now living in Germany and I love to work with Dr. Corinna Mann and her Team at ‘Die Kinderwunschärztin’. Here I have a direct impact on the life of patients. I am a scientist specialized in Andrology, and it is my great pleasure to apply the skills and knowledge that I have gained in assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) in the practice’s clinical laboratory.

I am a PhD in reproductive biology and participated in many projects related to improve male idiopathic infertility diagnoses, improve in vitro fertilization and develop male contraceptives. As a postdoc at Washington University Medical School (St. Louis, USA), I developed two novel techniques for normozoospermic infertility diagnoses based on flow cytometry.

I am native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and I am actively learning German.

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